Monthly Archives: November 2012


RSPCA Capers: tube feeding Manx Shearwaters. Apparently I’m a natural at handling birds…

Beware predictive text…

OK now I’m in trouble. ‘Sink plunger’ in predictive text becomes ‘Pink plunger’.  I should really learn to check my texts before sending them. All I wanted to know was if anyone had seen my sink plunger.

Seal Jumping

West Hatch wildlife rescue induction: it is, on occasion, OK to jump on a seal. But NOT to try to kiss a cormorant. I feel a book coming on…”

Conversations with doctors

Yesterday my consultant told me I have osteoarthritis. No particular reason for it, so he asked me ‘Do you spend a lot of time on your knees?’. What’s a girl to say??


Yay! Best day ever at RSPCA West Hatch. Marzipan (favourite cat) will soon be off to a new home. She spent the morning climbing up my arms, across my back and down the other side. My first afternoon in Wildlife and I hand-fed baby herring gulls, stroked baby hedgehogs, saw a buzzard, three woodpeckers and a great crested grebe at close quarters! Oh, and cleaned up a lot of poo. Next week: chopping up day-old chicks…