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‘Fractured’ – public reading

Public reading at The Peregrine

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all at the Peregrine Book Company in
Prescott, Arizona yesterday. Hosted by the awesome Dan Seaman, I was joined by readers and other writers, and my selection of readings from ‘Fractured’ received a very warm reception from the audience – they even managed to understand my English accent!
The Peregrine has been hosting performance nights for the past two years, to an enthusiastic crowd. Long may it continue.


The two of you.

You fit together like

A hand in a glove.

Comfortable and warm;

A matching pair

Staving off the chilly autumn winds.

You know each wrinkle,

Each pulled thread

And dropped stitch

A loving reminder

Of adventures shared.

Rushing out the door,

Familiar old friends

Hurriedly stuffed in a pocket.

Not a second glance behind,

No need for the new.

Loving at Altitude

Your love. Clear and shocking as the chill mountain air
Catches me, breathless, as if unaware.
Not the raven’s ragged flight
Nor the hare’s bold scavenge
Can trump the joy, unequalled,
Which lodges itself, solid as the mountain, in my breast.

Your love. I drape it around me like new clothes;
I twist and turn to see the fit,
To check for flaws, and finding none,
Enjoy the warmth of its fabric on my flesh.

Your love. It plays the coquette with my heart.
It teases, girlishly,
With unexpected laughter and sudden tenderness.
The twilight stargazing
And tousled waking
Welcoming me home.

The Pelican Tree


Monday evening, in Arizona, we stood in the gathering dusk

Enjoying the last of the day’s golden sun.

The aperitif being somewhat strong, I saw two pelicans, nesting in my neighbour’s tree.

‘Look!’ I said to my love ‘Hidden in the branches!

See how they preen! Their swan-like necks dip and dive,

Their patterns weaving sweet nothings In adoration of their mate.

See how they dance, like you and I;

Tangling together in pelican intimacy’.

We stood, entranced, willing those birds to show themselves;

To peek out from their leafy nest; to shine in all their snow-white glory.

We waited, long into the night, till the waking stars meant we could see no more.

We bade them goodnight; we wished their journey well,

And marveled at these precious moments shared.

How symbolic, we decided, of our fledgling love,

A birdlike omen that proves our love will last.

Next morning, with daybreak, I early rose,

To see my precious pelicans.

Transformed now into pampas grass,

Snow-white heads waving, swan-like, in the breeze.

The Spoils of War

My love lies, rotting, in the sodden earth.

There is nothing left to steal

Once love is taken away.

Remove my coin, my rings, my cloth of gold,

And leave me, naked,

Bleeding in the dust.

My heart run through,

My arteries bled dry.

I have no need for self-respect, nor pain

For all is lost;

I lie alone, again.

The monster in the closet

I know it’s in there.

Hanging around.

Breathing deeply, I brace myself for confrontation.

The door’s movement sets its arms flapping;

Sparkles wink at me, knowingly, from the gloom.

Crushingly expensive, deceptively flattering;

My foolishness made flesh in heavy silks;

Even my feet in finest leather boots. Dressed to impress.

Outdone, overshadowed, outshone

By peacock blue and fluttering eyes.

I know this dress will never be worn again.

It is spoiled now;

A snickering remnant.

A rag.

‘Fractured – poems of love and desire’ now available on Kindle!

Marnie Doble’s first collection of poetry is now available to purchase on Kindle.

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