The Pelican Tree


Monday evening, in Arizona, we stood in the gathering dusk

Enjoying the last of the day’s golden sun.

The aperitif being somewhat strong, I saw two pelicans, nesting in my neighbour’s tree.

‘Look!’ I said to my love ‘Hidden in the branches!

See how they preen! Their swan-like necks dip and dive,

Their patterns weaving sweet nothings In adoration of their mate.

See how they dance, like you and I;

Tangling together in pelican intimacy’.

We stood, entranced, willing those birds to show themselves;

To peek out from their leafy nest; to shine in all their snow-white glory.

We waited, long into the night, till the waking stars meant we could see no more.

We bade them goodnight; we wished their journey well,

And marveled at these precious moments shared.

How symbolic, we decided, of our fledgling love,

A birdlike omen that proves our love will last.

Next morning, with daybreak, I early rose,

To see my precious pelicans.

Transformed now into pampas grass,

Snow-white heads waving, swan-like, in the breeze.


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