Monthly Archives: January 2015

Some kind of requiem

The first day of winter; the leaving of the year

And now, more than ever, I feel my mortality;

Life’s fragility.

My body aches, and my heart misses

The reassuring presence of you.

I am a half-person

And this, my half-life.

The day sets, edgy, with the promise of storms

Yet here, surrounded with white roses,

I acknowledge my loneliness

Fend off the night-time thoughts

The fear of you not-wanting.

I long to tell you the depth of my love,

But hesitate, hold back

For fear of chasing you away.

And I am so, so grateful for the tenuous chance

That brought us together;

For the giant of a man you have become

And for the knowledge that you hold me

In your heart.

So this is some kind of requiem

Memento Mori

For the girl so sad for so long.

Lasciatemi morire

I shed these tears now

Not for grief, nor loneliness,

But for gratitude, and wonder

At this late-found love.

Against the Winter Dark

Closing the curtains against the winter dark

Cool clink of ice in glass. A bitter slice of separation.

Cooler chilled consolation.

Kidding myself there’s no problem in hiding the missing-you

Deep within a heavy crystal comforter.

Possibly a little too much

Probably more than is good for me.

But it is here, and you are not

And tonight I need a friend.

Cake Surprise…

My day could be going better. Missing my beloved, I thought I’d console myself with a homemade cake. Defrosted some apple; poured it into the cake mixture. Smelled it. Soup and blackberry cake, anyone???