The Treasure Hunter

Curled, like ammonites, together,

Like orphaned siblings tangled.

You are friend, lover, child, brother to me.

The whole of life’s love, in all its myriad shapes.

Through the fog of my childhood passed,

We two, wave-tumbled pebbles,

Washed up together side by side upon

This foreign shore of later years.

These days of wonder, sea-glass misty,

Edges rubbed and softened with time.

I see you as you were,

Though worldly-wise to rosy-tinted hues,

And as you are, sand-blown,

Of perfect imperfections.

I scoop you up, my beach-combed treasure,

My secret, holding you close,

And, happy as a mudlark,

Head for that safe place I know now

To be home.


7 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunter

    1. Marnie Devereux Post author

      Thank you for reblogging, and for your kind comment. I am marrying my sweetheart next month and will be reading this at our wedding ceremony.

  1. Marnie Devereux Post author

    Thank you Patricia! The Treasure Hunter totally sums up my relationship with my love, and I will be reading it at our marriage next month. And welcome to Weasel Mornings…

  2. Aurora J Stone

    Marnie, this is a lovely poem. I am so happy for both you and your beloved. May your marriage day be filled with wonder and joy and all the happiness you both have waited so long to experience. xoxo


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