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A Change in the Weather

A trio of swans

Criss-cross the canal,

Their beating wings

Dopplering their way across the moor

Heralding a change in the weather.

I need to be in the open air

To bend like the withies

With this season’s passing.

Nothing stays the same,

And this long while is at an end.

I turn, and fix my gaze on the bend in the road

And I know it is time to go.

Short Story competition winner

Marnie Doble’s short story ‘A trip on the canal’ has won a competition organised by Sustrans, the leading sustainable transport charity.

‘A trip on the canal’ was written as part of the ‘Big Commute’ challenge during the summer of 2014.

‘A great story that made us laugh’ said the judges. Read it here: A trip on the canal