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All I want for Christmas

dance with me like you love me

write me daft poems

professing your love

take that love and gift-wrap it for Christmas,

under a good-humored tree

wrap me up tight in a blanket of compliments

embracing my faults

kiss me at unexpected moments

tell me considerate lies, tell me

I’m beautiful.


Explore my body with a non-critical tongue

give me the gift of bear-hugs

all year long

whisper to me in the long nights

of your fears and dreams

give the gift of tenderness, of

non-judgmental equanimity

give the gift of letting me love you

dance with me like you love me.




By Surrey Docks

Throughout the night we fought, until the dawn

Had sent me, sleepless, from your crumpled sheets.

Down by the sullen Thames I walked, alone,

Through Southwark’s lonely lanes and muddied streets.


By Surrey Docks I turned toward the beach

Remembering the day I held your hand.

To Cuckold’s Point, where first I kissed your mouth,

And lay with you upon the sparkling sand.


You showed me treasures hidden in plain sight,

You raised my hopes, and then you shot them down.

You brought me to my knees in search of gold,

Then left me at the water’s edge to drown.


And as the morning tide began to turn,

The river offered me a gift to keep,

Amongst the bones, the shards, the rope and iron,

A tiny figure lay, as if asleep.


A frozen Charlotte is my heart, my love,

That stillborn infant washed up on the shore,

A plaything born of vanity and pride,

The palest ghost of what it was before.


A river’s course will ever stay the same,

I hesitate, but then I know, for sure,

I throw the figure back into the waves,

A girl twice drowned, who will be drowned no more.


The end of the line

It slips from your fingers, abandoned like flotsam on the deck.

I daren’t look down. Your skin.

It’s warm, and salty, and smells of promise.

Soon it will be dark.

The tip of my tongue. The sweet muskiness of you. The air cooling on my naked arms,

sweet, crisp and cold.

Anything is possible, and I dare not

take my eye from the telescope.

The faintest scent of wildfire, barely discernible.

And from the desert

the distant sound of gunfire.


An exercise in creative writing, using the senses, that yielded a surprising result. Part of my portfolio for my BA in English.

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The images I thought had disappeared

Ink-black blood and silence

The ridiculous mundanity of filthy death

The wreckage and the realisation

Triggered now, not by tragedy,

But by touching souls

And love’s futility.