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The two of you.

You fit together like

A hand in a glove.

Comfortable and warm;

A matching pair

Staving off the chilly autumn winds.

You know each wrinkle,

Each pulled thread

And dropped stitch

A loving reminder

Of adventures shared.

Rushing out the door,

Familiar old friends

Hurriedly stuffed in a pocket.

Not a second glance behind,

No need for the new.

The monster in the closet

I know it’s in there.

Hanging around.

Breathing deeply, I brace myself for confrontation.

The door’s movement sets its arms flapping;

Sparkles wink at me, knowingly, from the gloom.

Crushingly expensive, deceptively flattering;

My foolishness made flesh in heavy silks;

Even my feet in finest leather boots. Dressed to impress.

Outdone, overshadowed, outshone

By peacock blue and fluttering eyes.

I know this dress will never be worn again.

It is spoiled now;

A snickering remnant.

A rag.