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The end of the line

It slips from your fingers, abandoned like flotsam on the deck.

I daren’t look down. Your skin.

It’s warm, and salty, and smells of promise.

Soon it will be dark.

The tip of my tongue. The sweet muskiness of you. The air cooling on my naked arms,

sweet, crisp and cold.

Anything is possible, and I dare not

take my eye from the telescope.

The faintest scent of wildfire, barely discernible.

And from the desert

the distant sound of gunfire.


An exercise in creative writing, using the senses, that yielded a surprising result. Part of my portfolio for my BA in English.


Little Blue Angels

I dreamed I was dying.

My mother lay across me

crushing my chest,

studying my eyes with interest

as I watched the little blue angels

fly out of my mouth.

Stretching carbon fiber wings,

gaining altitude,

swept up on my last. Gasp. Then.

‘Breathe,’ she said.

And so I did.

Shifting her dead weight,

she put her lips close to my ear,

and with a soft breath, whispered.

‘That’ll teach you to have mommy issues,’ she said.

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