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Oil-spill clean-up

Over 200 affected guillemots and razorbills were rescued from the south coast of England and brought to RSPCA West Hatch for cleaning following the spillage of a contaminant in early February 2013.


Birds were treated by experienced staff using a pre-wash application of margarine and liquid vegetable oil.


This was followed by careful washing with Fairy Liquid


A steady period of monitored feeding and rehabilitation follows…

bold guillies P1030186

Clean, happy guillies!!!

All images copyright Marnie Doble 2013.



RSPCA Capers: tube feeding Manx Shearwaters. Apparently I’m a natural at handling birds…

Seal Jumping

West Hatch wildlife rescue induction: it is, on occasion, OK to jump on a seal. But NOT to try to kiss a cormorant. I feel a book coming on…”


Yay! Best day ever at RSPCA West Hatch. Marzipan (favourite cat) will soon be off to a new home. She spent the morning climbing up my arms, across my back and down the other side. My first afternoon in Wildlife and I hand-fed baby herring gulls, stroked baby hedgehogs, saw a buzzard, three woodpeckers and a great crested grebe at close quarters! Oh, and cleaned up a lot of poo. Next week: chopping up day-old chicks…

A cure for ear mites…

My latest RSPCA Capers posting has been delayed this week due to the trauma it has caused. Imagine, if you will, holding a cat while gloopy, white, ear mite cream is liberally applied. Imagine then, dear reader, said cat vigourously shaking its head, thereby covering cattery volunteer’s face and mouth in gloopy, grey, ear mite debris…

RSPCA Capers: week 1

Just finished my first morning as a volunteer at RSPCA West Hatch. If your litter tray needs cleaning, I’m your woman.